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Market Intelligence Group is a leading provider of survey research and survey analysis services. Founded in 1992, it has offered a bouquet of services in the field of marketing research, mystery shopping, data analytics and competitive intelligence.

   MiG provides actionable information for the decision making
  Industry knowledge and technical expertise lead to value added delivery

MiG Approach is Simple
Use experienced professionals utilizing the most advanced techniques to provide the best possible business intelligence for competitive advantage. MiG Survey Research Consultants will expertly execute the right method to ask the best questions so that you get the best possible data and the answers you need, to take those critical decisions.

Grow Your Business
As a full-service survey research & analytics company, MiG is not merely a service provider, but acts as your partner to develop strategies and implement solutions.

MiG does it all: think, create, analyze; so you don’t have to.

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